Sales Recovery Bootcamp

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Sales Recovery Bootcamp

Over 5 courses…

I will be your coach to help you take your business from crisis mode to cash mode

The fastest way to start recovering sales and making money during a pandemic

Sales Recovery Challenge

The fastest way to start recovering sales and making money during a pandemic
Rp 397000
  • How To Monetize The Crisis
  • Billionaire Success Habits
  • How To Monetize The Crisis
  • Launch Your New Sales Story
  • Intensive Sales Training
  • BONUS #1
  • BONUS #2


How To Monetize The Crisis

  • Learn the proven 3 step roadmap for selling in a crisis
  • Discover the new COVID-19 paradigm shifts that are killing sales
  • Learn how to deal with new consumer trends you can’t ignore
  • How to turn customers insights into cash flow for your business
  • Learn how to leverage the power of story for your sales and marketing

Billionaire Success Habits

  • Effective habits of uber-successful salespeople and billionaires
  • How to set goals and achieve them through resilience and grit
  • How to face your fear fears and doubts and take massive action
  • Adopting the right money mindset
  • How to take control of your day and 10x your productivity

Creating Your Sales Story

  • Building and validating your new Go-To-Market story during the crisis
  • Deep diving into the world of your customer and mining for insights
  • Leveraging the engagement of Netflix and addiction of Nintendo
  • Crafting a value proposition that stands head and shoulders over your competitors
  • Building your Brand story

Launch Your New Sales Story

  • The secrets to successful new story launch
  • Choosing the ideal platform to deliver your new value proposition
  • How to speed up your customer’s decision making process
  • Handling objections, win-win negotiations and closing the sale
  • How to deal your competitors counter measures on pricing

Intensive Sales Training

  • Advanced sales strategies and hacks for COVID-19 and beyond
  • How to avoid the ABC trap that most salespeople fall into
  • The fastest way to open doors, win trust and close sales deals
  • The advanced 4 step sales success framework to 10x your sales
  • Outline of your next steps along the sales success roadmap.

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